Please remember: the only revolution
in the new millennium is the one of
the Earth around its axis -
no flying cars, no smudgeless make-up.
And it will still be the same old drag
every morning when you get out of bed.
Come on, let's party like it's 1974.

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[Filed: 1974]

Hello and welcome to Filed: 1974. Thanks for 'surfing' in. Most of these pages contain my thoughts & things, which, to make your life that bit easier have been divided into 2 (two) main parts (found below).

What's New. Last Update: 28 December 2001.

The Main Sections:
The Creative Process, divided into:

  • The Writing Desk contains short stories and essays, written by me. Some are in Dutch, but most are in English.
  • Upstaged! harbours just 2 plays I wrote on rainy days, and one play in Dutch.
  • Sebastian Faught is a large collection of poems which I have written over the past years.
  • Mutant Goldfish! Or is that golfdish?
  • To Be Filled In. The web comic made by me.
  • The Millennium. Thoughts and things, to be precise. Rants, you may call them. Raves, maybe.
Who is Maurice? which is divided into:

  • All About Me, which is the page of the ultimate self-glorification! No-one is interested, but I love it! Pay special attention to the photo gallery and the phenomenal picture of the real life Mr Burns and Waylon Smithers. Amazing!
  • FUNEST, the Free UNiversity English Speaking Theatre in which I played a part a long, long time ago. It's focused on Neil Simon's The Odd Couple.
  • My Bookcase, the page of book recommendations, or not, depending on what I thought of the book. Usually updated twice a month, though it can take a long time between updates when I'm working. Or when I bought a new iBook.
  • Whose Links?, which is the page of a thousand links to my influences and other pages on the web. The page probably gets updated once every decade, so expect one or two broken links, if they haven't been spotted yet by Roy Bryant's bot at
  • Question Time! where you can have your most unfrequently asked questions answered (and have a laugh). And yes, you can ask your own questions. And yes, your questions won't be answered by a chatbot. Unless you think I am a chatbot, in which case your question has been answered by a chatbot. If this happens, you can always question the answer.
  • John Lennon Guitar Chord Archive, a chords archive which records those Lennon chords other pages just can't reach. Maintained by Jeroen, this is by far the most popular page on the web. Honestly, who would be interested in me when you've got John Lennon? Funnily enough, this page is about five times as popular as:
  • Paul McCartney Guitar Chord Archive, a chords archive which records those McCartney chords other pages just can't reach. Als maintained by Jeroen.
So, now that you know this you can sign The Guestbook. I wish you a lot of fun. And remember: KNIT YOUR OWN STUFF!! Don't nick mine! (I'm on to you!)

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